Mini-Hops Competitive Gymnastics Teams

Girls JO Team

Our Team Program is for young girls between the ages of 6 and 18 years old with a high level of dedication to the sport, positive attitude, exceptional athletic ability, and demonstrated desire to learn and succeed in gymnastics. While a majority of our team members come from our Pre-Team Program,The Mights, we also extend a hand to any gymnast to try out our program. We hope our talented young ladies enjoy the years of rigorous training, and feel a great pride for Mini-Hops each time they compete with us.

The Mini-Hops Team Program is dedicated to providing the coaching excellence required to develop an array of individual and group characteristics among its team gymnasts. In teaching and conditioning our young people to execute great athletic skills, we strive also to:

  • Create a powerful sense of pride and self-confidence
  • Develop a strong sense of team and a genuine, open support for others to do well
  • Develop the ability to challenge one’s self and focus on achieving one’s personal best
  • Develop happy, healthy, athletes with strong gymnastics technique and skill
  • Cultivate a good-sport attitude including personal grace in the face of disappointment and gratitude when accepting awards for great success
  • Recognize, enjoy and celebrate successes big and small
  • Respect organized gymnastics and the traditions of the institution
  • Teach respect for teammates, coaches, Mini-Hops staff and families
  • Build life-long friendships and family connections
  • Learn life skills such as time management, self discipline, and healthy living
  • Create mentally and physically well prepared gymnasts that compete well, as well as being good people.

If you would like more information regarding our Girl’s Junior Olympic Team Program, please contact David Ward at: or call Mini-Hops at (952) 933-2452.

Boys JO Team

The Mini-Hops Boys Competitive Program is for boys between the ages of 6 and 18 years old with a high level of dedication to the sport of gymnastics their team. The majority of the Boys Competitive Team comes from the Mini-Hops Pre-Team Program, but we also welcome any gymnast to try out for our program.

The Mini-Hops Boys Team staff is dedicated to teaching safe, progression-based gymnastics where a Boy’s Team member can:

    • Develop strong gymnastic technique and skill
    • Develop dedication to not only a sport, but to a team
    • Strives for mastery and understand progression in skills
    • Recognize challenges and work towards overcoming them, whether it is fear based or achieving a hard to reach skill.
    • Develop life skills such as time management, work ethic, healthy eating, self-discipline, and teamwork.
    • Build life long friendships with teammates and coaches
    • Create a sense of self worth and self-confidence
    • Create a sense of pride of a team and support for team members
    • Teach respect for the sport, teammates, and coaches
    • Encourage a graceful reaction to disappointment and humble acceptance of success
    • Create mentally and physically well prepared gymnasts that compete well

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Morse, Boys Team Head Coach at 952-933-2452 or at

Girls Pre-Team

Mini-Hops Gymnastics Pre-Team Program is an invitation only, accelerated learning program offered to selected students from our recreational program(s) that have shown special aptitude or ability in the sport of gymnastics and have a desire to invest further in their gymnastics training. The objective is to provide a more wide-ranging exposure to gymnastics skill building and knowledge, build confidence in each athlete and prepare each of them for a place in the Mini-Hops Junior Olympic Competitive Team program.

There are two levels of participation in the Pre-Team program. Athletes starting in the program will practice twice per week for two hours each practice (4 hours per week) then move to three times per week for two hours each practice (6 hours per week) as they progress through the program.

Boys Pre-Team

This is a two level program for young boys with a higher level of athletic ability, concentration, dedication, and a fearless personality. These young boys want to learn gymnastics at a fast pace, while starting to condition their bodies with strength and flexibility training. The two levels are Boys Elite (Ages 4-5) and Boys Training Team (Ages 5-7). These boys are chosen from either Mini-Hops pre-school programs or recreational program with the expectation to compete for the Mini-Hops Boys Team after training appropriately.

For more information please contact Mike Morse, Boys Team Head Coach at 952-933-2452 or

Xcel Team

Our Xcel program is a year round recreational team mostly comprised of athletes from MHG Progressive program. The Xcel program is built for those kids who like to do other sports and also be a competitive gymnast. The competitive season has ~8 meets running from January until March and is a larger commitment than progressive classes in every aspect of gymnastics – strength, flexibility, skills, and maturity. There are five different levels of Xcel: Bronze being the novice, then progressing upward in skill level to Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Please contact Keyla, Xcel Team Director with any questions.

We foster the development of students who are looking to pursue athletic excellence and the challenges that intensive competition brings. Our rigorous year-round practice curriculum and dedicated coaches prepare athletes to be excellent competitors both on and off the mat. A child who commits to one of the Mini-Hops teams will become a more mature and well-rounded individual who can take pride in his or her achievements and take home a lifetime of experiences and memories. We offer several options for both boys and girls competitive gymnastics.

One of the first questions we get about any team program is: What is the difference between the recreational program and the team programs?

Choosing the right time for students to enter pre-team is the first key. We look for students who are good listeners, have the ability to make quick corrections, have advanced skills for their age, and are physically strong. From there we evaluate the child, and afterwards, we can determine if a team program would be a good fit for the family, the child, and the program. The five main differences between our team programs and the recreational program are:

The amount of strength and flexibility training that a child will/must be able to do.

The ability to work through fears.

The demand for a higher quality of skills, and a concentration on mastering the skill.

The commitment to year-round training.

Team building events that create a sense of awareness and connection to the competitive team.

Our Team programs are invitation only. If you are asked to join the pre-team program and accept, you are accepting the responsibility and commitment of a year-round athletic program.