Dance Programs at Mini-Hops gets kids moving, clapping, counting, and shaking their way to better coordination and brain development.

Dance and Rythmic

Preschool Dance Classes

Lil/Jr Dancers (4-5 Year Olds)

60 min (45 min dance/15 min acro)

Does your little one have dance fever?  This class offers a chance for young dancers to explore different styles of dance while learning the mechanics and technique of each different genre.  They will develop fluidity in their movement by learning tempo, rhythm, and the ins and outs of music.  Acro will be taught to develop the tumbling skills that dancers utilize while building their coordination and stability.

School-Age Dance Classes

Rhythmic (K+)

60 min

This class curriculum is fun and challenging. We provide an introduction to the sport of rhythmic gymnastics through fun technical movement activities with rhythmic apparatus (ball, hoop, ribbon and rope). Lessons include technically correct basics in swings, waves, circles, tosses, catches, and tumbling.  The students will learn the beginnings of pivots, balances, and leaps that rhythmic gymnasts use today.

Ballet (Ages 6+)

60 min

This co-ed class is for school-aged dancers age 6 and up who would like to learn the art of ballet. Our skilled instructors will teach them to focus on ballet positions, posture, technique, flexibility, and choreography, in a fun and educational manner appropriate to their age-group and ability level. As the school year progresses, so will the advancement of the class, so consistency is key!

Dance Acro Combo (Ages 7+)

60 min

An hour of tumbling progressions that are specifically geared toward the basics of strong tumbling and acrobatic stunting.  The athletes work on skills, drills and strength exercises that will help them to acquire the upper-body strength and total body coordination needed to learn skills like handstands, cartwheels, and walkovers.  Since handstands, cartwheels and bridge kick overs are pre-requisites to the Advanced Dance Acro class, there is extra emphasis placed on these skills.  Since one hour a week is not enough time to build the sufficient amount of strength necessary for skills that require a lot of upper body and torso strength, they will be given manageable conditioning assignments to do at home or during open gym.

M.O.V.E Class (Ages 6+)

60 min

Come join a brand NEW class to Mini Hops!  M.O.V.E or Mobilization of Visual Entertainment is a class made for the school-age kiddos who are interested in the performing arts.  We will explore and learn the different forms of artistic expression, such as; dance, musical theater, circus, spoken word, magic/illusion, and many more!  This class will allow your child to find new ways to show their creativity through movement.