Dance & Rhythmic Program | Ages 3+

Preschool Dance Classes

Mini-Dancers - 3 Year Olds

25min/20min Dancing/Tumbling | Ratio 8:1
In this upbeat class, the students are introduced to the rhythmic concepts of dance using musical instruments and their own hands and feet. Teacher led tumbling will be enjoyed by children as parents assist in increasing the child’s confidence while learning fun rolling, and large motor activities!

Lil’ Dancers - 4 Year Olds

30min/30min Dancing/Tumbling | Ratio 8:1
Young dancers develop independence as they learn specific dance and tumbling moves, terminology, counting and short sequences of dance to fun music. Energetic and caring instructors teach the students basic tumbling skills such as progressions to handstands, cartwheels and forward rolls. They will learn muscle control and coordination that will aid in their overall development.

Jazz and Hip Hop - 6 Years Old +

40min/20min Dancing/Tumbling | Ratio 8:1
This class is for the school-aged dancers that are taking their next steps from beginning to the intermediate level.  The dedicated and energetic instructors will focus on the different styles of jazz and hip hop throughout the dance community.  Your dancer will learn the basic technique that will lead to better balance, control, rhythm, and musicality while learning exciting choreography to great music.  Want tumbling too? Try our Dance Acro classes as well.

Adaptive Dance - Ages 5+ or by invitation

Ratio 5:1 – 45 min

School-Age Dance Classes

Just Dance - 6 Year Olds

Grade Based Scheduling | Ratio 10:1
This class offers three styles of dance for the school-aged mover. Caring and energetic instructors introduce ballet, jazz and hip-hop throughout the term. The kids learn basic dance techniques such as balance, posture, rhythm and more using fun music and choreography. Want tumbling too? Try our Dance Acro classes as well!

Ballet - Ages 6+

Ratio 10:1
This co-ed class is for school-aged dancers age 6 and up who would like to learn the art of ballet. Our skilled instructors will teach them to focus on ballet positions, posture, technique, flexibility, and choreography, in a fun and educational manner appropriate to their age-group and ability level. As the school year progresses, so will the advancement of the class, so consistency is key!

Dance Acro - Ages 7+

Ratio 9:1
Designed for students looking for improving and perfecting their tumbling and acrobatic skills that are often incorporated in routines.  This class is geared for all students of different athletic backgrounds.  Learning the basics of tumbling skills like cartwheels, rolls, and handstands can be beneficial for both gymnasts, dancers, and everyone in between.

Advance Acro - Ages 7+

Ratio 10:1
This class is for those students looking to progress and perfect their tumbling and acrobatic skills.  This class is for intermediate to advanced tumblers with the focus shifting to more complicated skills like aerials, walkovers, and variations.  A back kick-over is required.

Open Training - Ages 5+

Ratio 15:1 – 90 min.
Mini-Hops Gymnastics will now be offering an opportunity for gymnasts and tumbling athletes to utilize our facility for Open Training on Fridays 10:30am-12:00pm. Our Open Training will feature a knowledgeable instructor who will be available to assist athletes with their skills and goals. This practice will be designed to encourage independent work, and the athletes will have the freedom to choose what they would like to focus on for the class, provided that it is constructive. This practice differs from Open Gym due to the fact that the coach will open up designated areas in the gym based on the athlete’s goals that are attending the practice and set up drills to assist the athletes as needed. Athletes can choose to work with the instructor one on one, or complete an assignment of their choosing on their own with supervision. This is a great opportunity for athletes to utilize the Mini-Hops equipment and facility while being able to complete goals independently with an instructor available to assist if needed.

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