We hear your Super Power is volunteering! As a non-profit, and especially during these difficult time, we are relying on our individuals like YOU. If you would like to join our Super Hero team, please contact Michaela at Michaela.chelberg@mini-hops.com or please fill out our volunteer application.

Guardian Angel:

Spend 5-10 hours a week assisting instructors with Adaptive Gymnastics classes, Tuesday and Thursday’s (Children & Adults with special needs) . Join the Special Olympics Gymnastics program once it resumes on Saturday’s.

Jack of All Trades:

Paint, small repairs, clean and build shelves.

Leap Frog:

Assist gymnastics instructors teach movement skills to children 2 years to 12 years of age.

Knight in Shining Armor:

Assist teachers with distant learning educational support program M-F and in our Academic Preschool.