Sterling Karate

at Mini Hops

Karate is a great vehicle for teaching discipline, focus, fitness and self-defense. While these are all amazing benefits, there are other, less discussed benefits that are just as important. With Sterling Karate, students are learning to set long, mid and short-range goals and achieving success as well as learning how to get through the challenges of not attaining a goal as planned. These students also develop leadership skills by learning to mentor other students as they advance. 

Sterling Karate has provided these classes for over 30 years in convenient locations such as schools, churches, community centers, and gymnastic studios. All of these places are where people already gather, making it easier on families when it comes to factors such as driving and more. Thousands of students and children of former students, testify to our success in achieving our mission.


  • Grades K through Adult!
  • Families can take together!
  • Builds Confidence!
  • Family Community!
  • Build Strength and Character!
  • Learn Discipline and Control!
  • Achieve Belt Levels!
  • Focus and Memory Skills!
  • Providing Karate/Self-defense in 100’s of locations for over 30 years!

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Class will be Wednesdays 5:15-6:15pm

starting Sept. 6, 2023!

Enrollment is all done through Sterling Karate and not through Mini Hops. Class is just held at Mini Hops.