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Thanks for your interest in booking Private Lessons at Mini-Hops Gymnastics! We strive to provide the best experience for athletes and families from beginning to end.

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*Please note that we do not offer private lessons to preschool aged children unless they have special requirements needed to participate in physical and/or group activities.

Private Lessons for Preschool Age or under - Click Here

Mini Hops doesnt recommend private lessons for preschoolers.

Mini-Hops view on why classes are better for preschool aged children.

  • Group learning teaches a preschooler:
    • how to appropriately socialize with others. They are going to need this skill for the rest of their lives. (Manners, social cues, listening and following directions, etc)
    • how to communicate with others (non-family members). They will always be around people and need to know how to communicate. Preschool age is a great time to start. It’s very important for a child to learn this in order to be successful in the world today.
    • how to understand and communicate their feelings with peers.
    • how to share with peers. Time, space, objects.
    • how to works together and solve problems with their peers.
  •  Playing and learning with others IS MORE FUN for the child and the instructor. And it’s actually a more productive learning experience for the student because they learn from other children. A child can watch an adult drive a car and understand that they are not big enough to do that. When a child sees another child perform a task, they understand that they too can learn how to do that.
  • Children (and adults) tend to give better effort when they are surrounded by peers of their own age. Even if they are not competitive by nature, it’s human nature to work harder when you are being watched by your peers.
  • Feedback research has proven that too much feedback can actually inhibit learning. (Winstein and Schmidt, 1990). The too much feedback is bound to occur in a private lesson with a very young child in a structured setting.
  • Stef K (Long Time Preschool Coach – My personal experience when I have a class that only has one child (under the age of 4) is that the child has all the attention which can go two ways, perfectly or disastrously. Usually, it’s perfect the first week and the next week it’s the opposite. But, long term, I feel it is not in the best interest of a child to have one on one lessons. They will learn exponentially more in a group setting. The things they will learn in a group are life lessons that include: manners, sharing, social skills, confidence, empathy, and how to help others.