Tips for Success in the Mini-Gym

The goal of the Mini-Hoppers Program is to encourage children in a fun, upbeat, safe environment in order to enhance self-confidence, teach life skills and life lessons, develop an enthusiasm for physical activity and foster healthy character development, overall fitness, as well as cognitive and social skills.

Here are a few tips to help your child(ren) reach for those goals!

1. Take your child to the restroom before class.
2. Come to class as consistently as possible.  If your child is ill, please call the gym to inform the instructor.
3. Arrive early for the sake of your child, as well as others.  Being late is more disturbing to children than most adults may realize.  If you are late, please ask the front desk for help in finding your child’s class.
4. The gym is a NO PHONE ZONE. In parent/child classes and open gym, your child needs your full attention for hands on learning and safety.
5. During parent/child classes, if your child has a tantrum (as most kids will at some point), gently take them to the cubby room, calm them down before returning to class.
6. Food or beverages, including coffee, are NOT allowed in the gym area.
7. To keep your new gym looking new, we ask that all   participants remove their shoes.
8. Communication with your child’s instructor will be important for your child’s success. Share information about your child that will be important for the instructor to best help your young one.
9. Dress children in comfortable clothing: cotton shorts (no buttons, buckles or zippers) and t-shirt or favorite leotard. Please no skirts or dresses. Bare feet is best.  Parents who are participating should be dressed in comfortable clothing that allows them to assist their child.
10. Class participants (parents and children) should remove all jewelry and plastic hair clips before class. For hair that is long, a ponytail is best.
11. Remember, as in growth and development, every child progresses at their own rate.  It is best for the child, not to compare them to others.