2018-2019 Staff Availability - Mini-Hops Gymnastics

2018-2019 Staff Availability

Class and Birthday Coaches:

We offer regularly scheduled classes and birthday parties from September to May. Often, once children and parents get to know you, they will request to be in class with you as their instructor. This means that your consistent attendance is very important for the enrollment of students. Once you have agreed to your schedule, we are under the agreement that you continue with the same schedule from September until May. If you need extra hours but cannot commit to being here weekly, you can often pick up subbing hours to help round up your paycheck. Your availability should reflect all of the above.

Team Coaches:

Please consider your team schedule, then use the availability sheet to let the program directors know how many hours you need to round out your schedule and when you are available to fulfill those hours. Remember, full-time employees, are required to coach 32-35 hours depending upon your position.

Special Event Staff:

While special events are a little more sporadic throughout the year, they are an important part of what we do, so please indicate your interest in these events in the appropriate areas of the survey.

Please Note:

For the sake of the children/families, do your best to schedule your vacations on break weeks. We have break weeks scheduled over the holidays and often between the summer/fall sessions and the spring/summer sessions. There is also a spring break every year. If you prefer not to miss work on break weeks, you can talk with your supervisor to see what special work projects and/or cleaning can be done to make up hours. There are also often camps and other special events offered on break weeks. This work is not guaranteed and will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

Besides teaching classes, there are opportunities to coach Field Trips, Birthday parties, Camps and Special Events. See Heather Swierczek to be scheduled for these special events and for weekend birthday parties. We are also in need of front desk staff during all these events.

Classes run M-F (8:30am-9:00pm); Saturday (8:00am-6:30pm) Birthday parties run on Sundays.

Tentative Schedule

  • Summer Schedule begins June 10
  • Classes end August 24
  • Camps end August 31