2020-2021 School Year Gymnastics Classes

2020-2021 School Year Gymnastics

February Schedules Out Now!

For convenience to our MHG families, MHG class programs are moving to monthly tuition billing for the 2020-2021 school year! Read through our FAQs below to learn more!

How do I enroll?

Login or create your family account to submit an enrollment request.  In your account you will be able to update family information, add students and search available classes by level, day and time.  Select your desired classes and enter your payment information.  Once approved your enrollment is ONGOING until you unenroll.

How do I cancel my enrollment?

If you wish to discontinue the class/es, you will need to notify the front desk via email (link below) before the 25th of the month for the following month.  Please include students name, program, your desired last month & any feedback.

Please unenroll before the 25th via email to avoid payment for the following month.

What if I miss a class?

Actively enrolled students who miss a class can schedule one make-up per month in the same level class that has openings.

Can I get started in a class mid-month?

If there is availability in the desired class, the first month's registration can be pro-rated.  NO other months can be prorated.

How does Monthly Tuition Billing differ from the Terms of previous years?

Instead of paying a larger amount for a full term (7-10 weeks) of instruction at a time, you will be charged monthly.  MHG will charge your credit card for the first full month at the time of registration and again on the first day of each month until you unenroll.  You will remain in that class until you until you unenroll.

Why am I paying full tuition for months where there are breaks in the scheduled classes?

The tuition is (based on) a 47-week year to include 5 break weeks. It is most beneficial to enroll for the entire year. Tuition remains the same for every month of the year. Your tuition pays for an educational experience and not a specified number of classes. In any given year, some months have four classes and some months have five classes. On occasion, there will be a month with three classes for one reason or another. Over a year, typically, the average is slightly over four classes per month.

Is there a discount for multiple family members?

Yes, there is a 5% multiple class, 10% multiple child/ren, (2nd child + receives the discount) and a 15% Veterans discount. 

How do move-ups occur? When does my child move to the next class?

In the mini gym, it is all age-based programming.  Parents will need to plan ahead and pick an available class or go on a waitlist the month after their child’s birthdate occurs.  In the school age program, where it is mostly grade based programming students will stay in their grade for the year.  As they progress through the curriculum and master specific skills they will be evaluated.  If promoted at that time, parents can select an available class in the upcoming months or go on a waitlist for the desired day and time.

How do I pay?

Tuition is auto debited from your valid credit/debit card on file on the 25th of the month for the upcoming month. If you have an expired/declined card you will be notified and will have 24 hours to rectify the issue or you may be unenrolled from the class.

Is there a discount if I want to pay for the whole year?

No there is not a discount for pre-paying for multiple months.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Our scholarship program is self-funded and financial assistance is available if funds are available.  Currently with COVID restrictions there are no funds available.

Can I sign up for future months?

You can enroll or be added to the waitlist to request your spot in the class after the 25th of the month.

Can I take a 1-month break?

Once you unenroll you may lose your spot in the class.  You can go on the waitlists for future months.  Once the billing is complete for that month the customer experience team will notify you if you are able to enroll in the class