Girls Pre-Team

Mini-Hops Gymnastics Pre-Team Program is an invitation only, accelerated learning program offered to selected students from our recreational program(s) that have shown special aptitude or ability in the sport of gymnastics and have a desire to invest further in their gymnastics training. The objective is to provide a more wide-ranging exposure to gymnastics skill building and knowledge, build confidence in each athlete and prepare each of them for a place in the Mini-Hops Junior Olympic Competitive Team program.

There are two levels of participation in the Pre-Team program. Athletes starting in the program will practice twice per week for two hours each practice (4 hours per week) then move to three times per week for two hours each practice (6 hours per week) as they progress through the program.

2018-19 School Year Practice Schedule

PreTeam 14:00-6:004:00-6:00
PreTeam 24:00-7:004:00-7:00
PreTeam 36:00-8:004:00-6:006:00-8:00