Boys JO Team

The Mini-Hops Boys Competitive Program is for boys between the ages of 6 and 18 years old with a high level of dedication to the sport of gymnastics their team. The majority of the Boys Competitive Team comes from the Mini-Hops Pre-Team Program, but we also welcome any gymnast to try out for our program.

The Mini-Hops Boys Team staff is dedicated to teaching safe, progression-based gymnastics where a Boy’s Team member can:

  • Develop dedication to not only a sport, but to a team
  • Develop strong gymnastic technique and skill
  • Strives for mastery and understand progression in skills
  • Recognize challenges and work towards overcoming them, whether it is fear based or achieving a hard to reach skill.
  • Develop life skills such as time management, work ethic, healthy eating, self-discipline, and teamwork.
  • Build life long friendships with teammates and coaches
  • Create a sense of self worth and self-confidence
  • Create a sense of pride of a team and support for team members
  • Teach respect for the sport, teammates, and coaches
  • Encourage a graceful reaction to disappointment and humble acceptance of success
  • Create mentally and physically well prepared gymnasts that compete well

The Mini-Hops Boys Team is made up of a special group of families and athletes who work together through the common bond of Men’s gymnastics. By choosing to be a part of the Mini-Hops Boys Team your child will be given the chance to experience something rare in this busy day and age: forming friendships and learning life lessons through dedication and hard work. The Boys Team not only practice and compete together, but do team building activities to strengthen the bond between teammates, as well as between coaches and team families.

If the opportunity to become a Boys Team member presents itself, you are asked to accept to responsibilities and commitments inherent in competitive athletics. You are entering a year round program with the assumption that your child will compete in gymnastics for Mini-Hops therefore; the gymnast’s physical preparation is the most important to us. Men’s gymnastics is not like other sports where children can compete successfully at a high level, improving each year, without training year round. This sport requires more time than most other sports in order to see success and stay safe! Training each event is like training for a different sport! Repetition is the key to gymnastics!

If you have any questions, please contact James Letzring, Boys Team Head Coach at 952-933-2452 or at

2018-19 School Year Practice Schedule

Level 44:30-7:304:30-7:30
Level 54:30-7:304:30-7:304:30-7:30
Level 64:30-8:304:30-8:308:30-12:30
Level 76:00-9:006:00-9:006:00-9:008:30-12:30
Level 8/93:30-6:303:30-6:303:30-6:303:30-6:303:30-6:308:30-12:30
Level 103:30-6:303:30-6:303:30-6:303:30-6:303:30-6:308:30-12:30