Mini-Hops Competitive Teams

We foster the development of students who are looking to pursue athletic excellence and the challenges that intensive competition brings. Our rigorous year-round practice curriculum and dedicated coaches prepare athletes to be excellent competitors both on and off the mat. A child who commits to one of the Mini-Hops teams will become a more mature and well-rounded individual who can take pride in his or her achievements and take home a lifetime of experiences and memories. We offer several options for both boys and girls competitive gymnastics.

One of the first questions we get about any team program is: What is the difference between the recreational program and the team programs?

Choosing the right time for students to enter pre-team is the first key. We look for students who are good listeners, have the ability to make quick corrections, have advanced skills for their age, and are physically strong. From there we evaluate the child, and afterwards, we can determine if a team program would be a good fit for the family, the child, and the program. The five main differences between our team programs and the recreational program are:

The amount of strength and flexibility training that a child will/must be able to do.

The ability to work through fears.

The demand for a higher quality of skills, and a concentration on mastering the skill.

The commitment to year-round training.

Team building events that create a sense of awareness and connection to the competitive team.

Our Team programs are invitation only. If you are asked to join the pre-team program and accept, you are accepting the responsibility and commitment of a year-round athletic program.