Mini-Hoppers | Ages 5 & Under - Mini-Hops Gymnastics

Mini Hoppers

Mini-Hoppers Classes

Baby & Me (5-11 Month Olds)

45 min
(parent participation)

Have fun with your little one! You’ll be learning and practicing games and exercises that foster healthy growth and development. Learn about the developing stages of your baby’s brain and body, and the movements that will help them grow strong. You will add many ideas and exercises to your parenting toolbox to try at home with your precious little one that will keep them active and growing from head to toe!

Mini-Me (1 Year Olds)

 45 min
(parent participation)

This class encourages exploring, discovering, and parent/child bonding; climbing up, and more importantly, climbing down safely. Body and spatial awareness are all areas of focus during this precious learning time for you and your child!

Mini-Me/You & Me Combo (1 & 2 year olds)

45 min
(parent participation)

This class is fast-paced, to keep up with these active age groups! We love to see our 1-year olds learning from the 2-years olds and our 2-year olds so proud to show their families what they know! This hybrid class allows those who need exploration to explore and learn, and those who are ready for more structure to enhance their learning experience as well. We focus on climbing, tumbling, and swinging, all while gaining strength and coordination.

You & Me (2 Year Olds)

45 min
(parent participation)

A caring and experienced Mini Hops instructor will lead you and your child in this fast-paced class full of fun obstacles! Introducing the structure you may see at an academic preschool in small increments, and preparing children for the next steps of independence. You will be amazed at how much your child learns with you in this class!

Almost Me/Just Me (3 Year Olds)

45 min
(parent participation as needed)

An enthusiastic and experienced instructor helps your child foster independence by offering fun, yet challenging activities. Parents are invited as needed, but our goal is to introduce healthy independence as children grow.  Students increase their self-confidence, body awareness, strength, and agility in an exciting and safe gymnastics class that also includes music!

Lil' Hoppers (4 Year Olds)

1 hour

Children will enjoy activities in all areas of gymnastics that help them practice and improve motor development (coordination, body control, spatial awareness, strength and balance). As Lil’ Hoppers achieve new skills, both physical and social, their self-esteem grows. Developing a healthy learning attitude is vital during their formative preschool years.

Lil Hopper/Jr Hopper Combo (4 & 5 Year Olds)

1 hour

Four and five-year-olds who are not in kindergarten will use all the gymnastic equipment, including uneven bars, balance beam, and trampolines! In this exciting class, they will practice and develop many gymnastics skills such as rolling in all directions as well as beginner handstands, cartwheels, and pull-overs. These gymnastics classes enhance self-confidence, teach life lessons, and nurture character development while building healthy bodies and minds. You will witness your child’s self-esteem grow as they achieve new skills, both physical and social. (Note: this is the last age group that participates in the mini-gym.)

Lil'/Jr Ninja (4 & 5 Year Olds)

60 min.

Fun, fast-paced, and rolls galore!  Your children will practice being agile, quick, and brave in this class that is geared toward teaching kids how to move their bodies. We love to teach kids that they are the boss of their bodies, and that they can tell their arms and legs what to do and how to move, even when they are scared or upset.

As in all of our classes, we use movement to teach life lessons. Besides being challenged physically, they will learn how to be part of a community and to get along in a group setting with new friends!

TNT (4 & 5 Year Olds)

60 min

This is a co-ed class for boys and girls who are 4 or 5 years old, but not yet in kindergarten. It is the first step in trampoline & tumbling for beginners, and to those with basic gymnastics experience.  Students will learn fundamental skills for the T&T events (trampoline, power tumbling & double-mini trampoline) on apparatuses including trampoline, rod floor, and double-mini trampoline as well as tumble tracks. They will be building greater overall strength and confidence for skills including shape jumps, various drop landings, cartwheels, handstands, backward and forward rolls, connecting skills together, and more!


Mini-Gym Adaptive Gymnastics (3-6 Year Olds)

45 min
(parent participation)

This class is designed to give children with intellectual and physical disabilities a safe, fun and encouraging environment to learn about their bodies and how to move them.

An experienced and caring instructor will lead the parents (or para-educators) and children through a variety of physical activities that will increase coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility.  With experienced adults leading the way, children can safely explore their environment, practice following directions, and try new things.

“Minihops has been a great experience for my child so far.  In a few months, we have noticed the vast improvements he has made in body control, balance, and sensing others and things around him.

Our child requires occupational therapy, and even the therapist has noticed how much more confident he is about doing things that are challenging, and even does more than what is asked!  Coach John has been a great help to us and we greatly appreciate the effect that it has had with him.”

Mike B.