Adult Programming

Why let the kids have all the fun?
After many years, Mini-Hops is now offering adult programming! Beginning with Gymnastics Strength for Adults and then adding Yoga, the possibilities are endless. Mini-Hops’ adult programming is offered to freshman in college to seniors (unless description states otherwise). Come in and try a class for free!


Gymnastics Strength for Adults

Ages 18+ (College Freshman +)

Ratio 15:1 – 60 min
This class will be all-inclusive, for all ages and abilities: from 18-year-olds who are freshmen at university, to seniors who want to use gymnastics to keep active. Our adult gymnastics class will include flexibility, strength training, and some time for learning other gymnastics skills.

What to expect:

A group warm-up at the beginning of class covering basic mobility exercises. We will then do a few different circuits that will have tiered exercises for beginners up to more advanced participants. Every class we will open up the end of the session for free play to learn any gymnastics skill you’ve always wanted to try.

Yoga – NEW

Ages 13+ (Teens Welcome!)

Ratio 15:1 – 60 min
This class will connect breath to movement as students flow through a series of poses. Classes will start with a warm up and then move into a flow that will challenge strength, balance and flexibility. Following the flows students will end class with deep stretching and a final resting pose. Students will be offered modifications and challenges to create a deeper connection to their personal practice.

What to expect:

We will be practicing the Vinyasa style but will explore other practice styles as well; such as Traditional Ashtanga Series, Kundalini, and Hatha. Inversions and arm balances will also be taught for those who are interested in exploring those challenges.