Adaptive Gymnastics

Confidence, hope and possibilities are created for children when they are able to try new things. Through the power of play, physical activity and gymnastics, we are helping children realize their abilities.  Our Adaptive programming uses the sport of gymnastics and focuses primarily on gross motor movements.  Understanding that the level of participation varies with each student and their level of physical or cognitive  independence.  We use the gymnastics apparatus and adapt the skills to each individual and their abilities.  Our program has 4 levels of classes ranging from (1) that has the most support and (4) with the least amount of extra support.  It all begins with an Intake form that helps us determine where the child begins their MHG gymnastics journey.


  1. 1:1 Adaptive Gymnastics (personal instructor) (30, 45, 60min)
  2. 1:1 PC (Personal coach in a class of peers) (45 or 60min)
  3. Big Gym or Mini-Gym adaptive classes (60min)
  4. Grade based neurotypical/physio-typical class participation (varies)

Adaptive Classes

1:1 Adaptive Gymnastics

This class is designed for the student that requires the greatest amount of support in accomplishing their goals.  With the collaboration of the parents and other professionals, our 1:1 instructor creates, implement and adjust a plan to work at the child’s pace all while developing the students confidence and self-esteem with physically stimulating activities.  This customized learning allows time for processing instructions, sensory needs, learning and developing skills that optimize success.  30, 45 or 60 minutes

An intake form must be filled out before registering for class. (See quick links) 

1:1 PC (Personal Coach in a class of peers)

This class is designed for children that need greater one on one attention in a group setting, but also works on everyday living and social skills in a class of peers.  The PC (personal coach) assists the child in becoming familiar with the expectations of the class instructor, emotional regulation and navigate social interactions.  The PC encourages the child to follow the class instructors’ directions and creates the connections that will encourage independence and a successful experience while learning how the body moves. 45 or 60 minutes, Ratio 1:1 in a class

An intake form must be filled out before registering for class. (See quick links) 

Mini-Gym Adaptive Gymnastics (3 to 6 Year Olds)

This class is designed to give children with intellectual and physical disabilities a safe, fun and encouraging environment to learn about their bodies and how to move them.  An experienced and caring instructor will lead the parents or para-educator and children through a variety of physical activities that will increase coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility.  With experienced adults leading the way, children can safely explore their environment, practice following directions and try new things to increase independence. Parent/Para participation is required, 45 minutes, Ratio 5:1

An intake form must be filled out before registering for class. (See quick links)

Almost Me/Just Me (3 year olds) - Adaptive Inclusion

45 min (parent participation as needed)

An enthusiastic instructor helps to foster independence by offering fun, yet challenging activities.  Parents are invited “as needed”, but our goal is to foster healthy independence as children grow.  Students increase their self-confidence, body awareness, strength, and agility, in an exciting and safe gymnastics class that also includes music, rhyming and all things that kids love! 

Big Gym Adaptive Gymnastics (Ages 6+)

Athletes with various special needs will gain independence in the main gym and learn from an experienced, caring coach. Students will practice the gymnastics-based activities that will lead to increased body-awareness, strength, flexibility, balance and increased self esteem. One objective of the program is to help kids transition into neurotypical/physio-typical grade-appropriate gymnastics classes and/or the competitive Special Olympics program.  Parent/Para participation may be initially required, 60 minutes, Ratio 5:1

An intake form must be filled out before registering for class. (See quick links) 

Lil' Hopper/Jr Hopper Combo (4 & 5 year olds) - Adaptive Inclusion

Four and five year olds who are not in kindergarten will use all the gymnastic equipment, including uneven bars, balance beam, and trampolines.  In this fast-paced class, they will practice and develop many gymnastics skills such as rolling in all directions as well as beginner handstands, cartwheels and pullovers.  These gymnastics classes enhance self-confidence, teach life lessons, and nurture character development while building healthy bodies and minds.  You will witness your child’s self-esteem grow as they achieve new skills, both physical and social.

NO LIMITS FITNESS – Adult Group Fitness for Individuals of ALL ABILITIES

This class provides an opportunity to individuals 16 and older of all abilities to participate in a complete fitness class adapted to their abilities.  We believe that every individual is able to unlock their potential through movement.  Making fitness fun and creative brings out the child in us, all while using sport to teach the lesson of life. This physical fitness class is designed to create healthy habits that benefit the physical and mental health of those participating for a lifetime.  We accomplish this through a guided group exercise program from the warm-up to skill and strength development, metabolic conditioning and finishing with a cool down.  Inclusion of Direct support staff is required, 60 Minutes, Ratio 1:8

Please email to learn more or get registered.