Coach Nasim - Mini-Hops Gymnastics

Coach Nasim

Nasim Tajik


Hometown: Plymouth, MN
Education: Highschool

Certifications & Qualifications:
First Aid
Concussion Awareness Training

Nasim is currently attending high school at Armstrong High School. She hopes to study social justice and/or a related major (such as political science) that could act as the gateway allowing her to then expand into the study of social justice/humanities. As of now, Nasim is involved in the orchestra at her school, in which she puts forth a great amount of effort as the orchestra is one of her biggest passions and she hopes to pursue it in college. Nasim has also devoted much effort and time towards her academics, for education is an opportunity she greatly values and appreciates. She is currently part of the Spanish honors society and has also received two academic awards through school.

Nasim became an employee at Mini-Hops because she was formerly a gymnast on the Xcel team.  Shortly after, she began working at Mini-Hops.

Nasim values kindness, open-mindedness, and compassion, for these mindsets allow us to treat others in a way that can provoke peace within our society, rather than constantly evoke negativity and hostility. Nasim brings a mindset of equity, growth and acceptance. She believes that no child should face scrutiny or oppression in anyway, for any reason. Similarly, Nasim believes in gentle discipline, due to the notion that excessive harshness can be detrimental to the mental health of a child. Children respond best to calm and constructive discipline, for this allows them to understand that their authority is “on their side”, not the opposite Nasim brings  knowledge about gymnastics due to being a retired gymnast she enjoys still being involved in the sport through passing her gymnastics knowledge on to new gymnasts.