Coach Kirsten - Mini-Hops Gymnastics

Coach Kirsten

Kirsten Dehmer


Hometown: St. Michael, MN
Education: Bachelor of Science

Certifications & Qualifications:
First Aid
Concussion Awareness Training
USAG Certified

Kirsten attended Saint Cloud State University and graduated in 2001. From there Kirsten worked in the restaurant industry for a number of years on all levels. There were a couple of years where she lived in Boulder, CO and took up snowboarding and rock climbing but ventured back home to be near her family. In 2006 Kirsten graduated from The Art Institutes Int’l with a certificate in baking and pastry to bring her love of baking and artistry to fruition. Kirsten did a little bit of that for a while and entered into the corporate world where she did field research for a branding company. That did not float her boat so she sought a new adventure while she was five months pregnant with her second child. In that time Kirsten found Mini-Hops Gymnastics and discovered a hidden love and talent for coaching children (and parents) in the art of movement, balance, coordination, strength, discovery, and awesomeness through artistic gymnastics. Kirsten has coached many levels in her stint here, but have found a deep love for parent-child classes.

She can honestly say that the last six years with Mini-Hops has helped me to be the parent she is today. With incredible leadership and example to follow on a daily basis, she is able to take it all in and decipher with a clear picture who she wants to be as a mom to my children (and even a wife to her husband). Every time she comes to work she is given the opportunity to try and pass as much as she has learned to everyone she encounters. Kirsten adores the kids and the find most of the parents amazing too. Kirsten loves to read and learn new things. She enjoys being creative and artistic in whatever way I can. She LOVES the outdoors and desperately tries to pass that on to her children. Kirsten has a dog named Simon who is awesome and a husband she’s been married to almost 10 years, but have known since she was 12 years old.