Coach Cristina - Mini-Hops Gymnastics

Coach Cristina


Cristina Schonert

G.Team Coor; PT, Prog All Levels, PC-MH

Hometown: Pensacola, Florida

Certifications & Qualifications:
Concussion Awareness Training
First Aid
USAG Certified
Master Coach
USAG Instructor Member
Safe Sport

Cristina started her coaching career when she was asked to take over a youth cheerleading team that needed a new coach in the middle of their season. Twenty years later, she is still coaching. Some of the highlights of her coaching career include training in as an elite coach in Australia (where two of their gymnasts placed 11th and 13th AA at the 2008 Olympics), being a director and head team coach of the gym she grew up in Pensacola, and having two state floor champions in the two years she was the floor coach at MHG.

As a gymnast herself, she retired at the ripe old age of 14 as a Level 9. After retirement, she made the natural transition to cheerleading, which she did in high school and college. Cristina was also selected as an All American cheerleader in 2000-2001 and performed in the half-time show of the 2001 Citrus Bowl in Orlando. She brings a little southern charm to MHG. She brings extensive experience to Mini-Hops. She worked at a Summer Camp for 10 summers; started an after-school technology program for middle schoolers funded by the University of Florida;  worked in a nursery at a fitness center for 3 years; was a lifeguard at a high school; and has been a nanny. Some facts about Cristina is that she lived in Australia for four years; has 7 brothers and 3 sisters; used to write for an independent magazine;  danced on stage with MC Hammer; has walked a red carpet and been the “unidentified friend” to celebrities in a magazine; was on the first ever radio reality show; is  an award-winning journalist;  and played Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 5th Grade.