Policies & Procedures

Make Up Policy

If you are going to miss class for any reason please let Mini Hops know by emailing or calling us at 952-933-2452. We will then mark your child as excused. Our class make up policy is as follows:


  • Each enrolled student can make up one class per month, in the same calendar month as the class was missed.
  • If more than one class is missed, there will not be additional make up classes offered.
  • If the class is not made up in the same month, the make up class is forfeited.
  • If enrolled in multiple classes, the make up policy is the same for each class and one make up is offered per class.
  • Make up classes can be scheduled ahead of time as well – if you know you’re going to be out for a future class (i.e. vacation).
  • Make up classes may be in the same class or another at the same level (i.e. if enrolled in Girls 1st Grade Gymnastics, may take make-up in Tramp & Tumbling 1st Grade).
  • If you schedule a make up class and then miss, you cannot reschedule it.
  • Note: Make ups cannot be guaranteed and space is limited

Cancellation Policy

Mini Hops reserves the right to cancel/combine any class due to low enrollment. Refunds/Credits are only given for:

  • Class cancellation by Mini Hops
  • Injuries
  • Serious medical illness (physicians note required)

Refunds/Credits will not be given for classes dropped after the billing date (26th of each month)

Special Events (Camps, Parents Night Out, etc.)
Mini Hops reserves the right to cancel any camp due to low enrollment. Refunds are only given for class cancellation by Mini Hops.
If you should have to cancel:


  • No refunds will be given
  • Credits will be given with at least 24-hour notice
  • No credits will be given with less than 24-hour notice

Monthly Billing

  • Tuition is due at the time of registration.
  • Tuition will be prorated for registrations submitted after the 1st of the month.
  • Once enrolled, your enrollment is ongoing and will continue month to month until the session ends.
  • Tuition is auto debited from your valid credit/debit card on file on the 26th of each month for the upcoming month.
  • Monthly charges will continue unless we receive a drop request, either through the iClass Parent Portal or by email at mail@mini-hops.com by the 25th of the month.
  • No refunds or credits will be issued for dropped or missed classes.
  • The tuition is based on a 47-week year to include 5 break weeks. It is most beneficial to stay enrolled for the entire year. Tuition remains the same for every month of the year. Your tuition pays for an educational experience and not a specified number of classes. In any given year, some months have four classes, and some months have five classes. On occasion, there will be a month with three classes for one reason or another. Over a year, typically, the average is slightly over four classes per month.

Dropping a Class

If you wish to discontinue (drop) your class(es), you will need to:

  • Notify the front desk via email, phone (952-933-2452), or through the parent portal before the 25th of the month that you would like your enrollment to end.
  • Include the students name, program, your desired last month & any feedback. Your final class will be the last class of the month unless otherwise noted.
  • Drop the class before the 25th to avoid payment for the following month. Refunds/Credits will not be given for classes dropped after the billing date (26th of each month)